How much does it cost to join the troop?


Boy Scout Troop 150 annual fees
Current (2022-2023) fees
Annual registration fee (BSA)   $75
HOAC Council Fee   $39
Troop 150 annual dues   $61
Subtotal   $175
Add $15 if subscribing to Boy’s Life.    
Summer Camp 2023   $425
Other troop outings   Varies
(Camporee, float trip, Snow Creek, Misty River Equestrian, etc.)

Our Troop treasurer adds charges to the “money account” on TroopTrack for each boy and deducts balances they may have in their camping account from fund raising. 1/2 is due by the first Troop meeting in March, and the balance by the first Troop meeting in April. (The Troop must pay all fees to the Council by April 15 to avoid late fees.)

Money should not be an obstacle to joining the Troop. If there is a financial hardship, contact a Troop leader for assistance. Troop 150 is a not-for-profit volunteer organization.