Encourage your Son

Support you scout by taking an active interest in your son’s interest in Scouting. An occasional inquiry about his progress will serve as a reminder that you are concerned and expect him to pay attention to his own advancement. 

Uniform and Materials

Help your son acquire the proper uniform and other outdoor gear.  Initially, the only required uniform will be what is considered the class A uniform. It consists of the Scout shirt with the Heart of America Council patch, the troop 150 numbers and the shoulder epaulets.  The HOAC Scout Shop has uniforms.  

Class B (Scout T-shirt) attire may be allowed for some meetings and activities. After a couple of years at summer camp, your Scout will probably have a good selection of class B attire.  

Other gear that may be needed is shown here 

Troop Committee

It is the function of the Troop Committee to assist with fund raising, transportation, and a number of other services necessary for a well-balanced program. As the parent of a Scout, you are already a member of the troop committee. We ask that you consider joining us to give your support and feedback. Meetings are on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Merit Badge Counselor

If you have specific skills in a certain area, not necessarily in the outdoor type subjects, you may be able to support the troop by becoming a Merit Badge Counselor. At the Scouting website and in the Scout Handbook is a list of merit badges that knowledgeable adults can teach. Our advancement chair can assist you in materials and registration in subject areas that interest you. A list of merit badges you can review to determine where you may be able to help is available at meritbadge.org.

Transportation and Supervision

Our entire outdoor program hinges upon the willingness of parents to provide transportation to and from our activities and supervision while we’re there. Our Troop Committee and Scoutmaster need your cooperation in this area. Please be willing to volunteer to transport Scouts to and/or from their activities. 


Camping and Activities

There is an open invitation to all parents/guardians to attend our camping activities providing there are no limitations that would exclude any of the boys. It is expected that one parent per family will attend at least two overnights with the Troop during the year.

Please feel free to drop in any time to see our meetings and get an idea of the content of our program


Fund Raising

The Pancake Breakfast on Scout Sunday is the main troop fund raiser that covers equipment and supplies costs. All scouts are expected to sell tickets (or buy out) and work during the breakfast. Parent volunteers are also needed to help during the breakfast and to provide baked goods for the bake sale. This is the money we use to pay for badges and awards, new tents, supplies etc.

The Holiday Wreath and Popcorn Sale is a voluntary individual fund raiser to supplement summer camping fees and other individual activity costs. Each boy will get 95% of the funds raised from his individual sales, with the other 5% going to pay for expenses. Eager salesmen can earn a significant portion, if not all of their camp fees in this manner.


Get Involved as an Adult Leader

Troop 150 is entirely volunteer led and there are opportunities to help in areas ranging from activity planning, fund raising, education, and leadership.  There is BSA training for adult leaders available in a variety of scouting areas.   At a minimum, all registered leaders must be Youth Protection trained.  You can complete the application for adult registration and submit it with the annual registration fees to the Scoutmaster.  

Youth Protection

For the protection of the youth in the program from potential child abuse, and the adult leaders from child abuse accusations, BSA has specific requirements concerning the interaction of the adult leaders with the youth. All registered leaders are required to be trained in youth protection. Parents participating on camping trips are requested to also undergo the training, which is available online at my.scouting.org.  There is a section at the beginning of the Handbook that describes this in more detail. You are required to read this and review pertinent portions with your Scout as soon as possible.


Information about troop activities, date or time changes and future events is primarily emailed, and posted on the Troop Calendar.  Late-breaking schedule changes or cancellations are sent by email and posted on our private Facebook page at: facebook.com/groups/kctroop150/.


Welcome to the Scouting family of Troop 150 in the Heart of America Council!